How to reduce appetite - proven and effective methods

One of the most common causes of being overweight, sometimes even leading to morbid obesity, is excessive appetite, constant feeling of hunger, sometimes even unstoppable. The consequence of this state of affairs is a large weight gain, and the most important thing at this point is the correct diagnosis of our snacking, which can even mean serious diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to visit at least a dietitian, and sometimes even a doctor, who usually orders comprehensive tests.

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Appetite or hunger - what exactly is wrong with us?

For most of us, the words appetite and hunger are the same and we usually do not realize the significant differences between them, that they are actually two completely different states of our body. Hunger, or craving, arises when we lack important nutrients, especially carbohydrates that give energy, proteins and fats, but when we get them in the required amount, this feeling passes almost immediately.

Appetite, on the other hand, can be boldly described as a whim, which is often caused by the state of the psyche, it occurs, for example, in times of nervousness or under the influence of strong stress. Most often it ends with uncontrolled snacking, even states of compulsive eating, i.e. internal compulsion to eat large amounts of food, which is unfortunately the easiest way to quickly gain weight, even to extreme pathological obesity.

Excessive eating - health consequences

Regardless of what causes our snacking, simply hunger or uncontrolled appetite, both of these states, when left uncontrolled, have serious health consequences. Contrary to appearances, it is not only the growing layer of fat on the abdomen or hips, but the increase in body weight will negatively affect the entire body. The first thing we should do is to properly diagnose the cause, which, as I mentioned, may lie in unrecognized disease states, and the body gives us warning signs in such a specific way.

how to reduce appetite - proven home methods

The appearance of any of the above symptoms should force us to act immediately, and the first thing worth using are proven home methods, thanks to which we will be able to quickly master unrestrained snacking:
fork and knife on a wooden table The most important are regular breaks between meals of at least 4 - 5 hours, which must be strictly adhered to. Eating at such intervals will prevent you from feeling very hungry, ending up with eating a heavy, heavy meal. Let's eat small amounts, chew each bite thoroughly and eliminate from the diet not only what is unhealthy and high-calorie, but also spicy spices and excess salt, which significantly increase the appetite. Instead of fatty cream, it is better to use light yogurt, give up fried meats and replace the red ones with poultry. Other foods that stimulate your appetite include sweets, cookies and candies, providing only empty, worthless calories. It is also recommended to drink plenty of fluids, including clear, mineral still water, which also fills the stomach and flushes out dangerous toxins;

another thing to keep in mind is breakfast, a meal that gives us energy for most of the day, and is often neglected due to a constant lack of time. Eating a nutritious, balanced meal in the morning, consisting of the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, will allow you to better control your weight and reduce the risk of snacking throughout the day;

providing the body with valuable nutrients, the most important of which are dietary fiber, protein and chromium. Fiber is the perfect stomach filler, it swells and makes us feel full for hours. In addition, it has a good effect on the metabolism, accelerating and facilitating digestion, and the most easily digestible can be found in fruits, vegetables and some grain products, bran or oatmeal. Protein, especially those contained in eggs, dairy products and meat, helps to burn fat and gives a feeling of satiety, and chromium improves all metabolic processes in the body, regulating the lipid and carbohydrate metabolism of the body.

How to reduce appetite - dietary supplements

A good solution to reduce appetite and at the same time get rid of excess kilograms are modern dietary supplements, used in slimming diets, based on natural plant ingredients. They are highly effective thanks to the content of substances such as green tea extract, acai or goji berries, guarana, black pepper, caffeine or the popular yerba mate. They all accelerate metabolism, soothe digestive ailments, thoroughly cleanse the body of toxins and, above all, reduce appetite. Which one we choose depends on our individual preferences, but we will feel their health effects for sure.